Hydrometeorology Monitoring System

1. What is hydrometeorological monitoring?

Hydrometeorological observation is the process of observing and measuring directly or indirectly systematically the parameters expressing the state, phenomena, the evolution of the atmosphere, the water of rivers, streams, channels, etc. canals, lakes and sea water.

2. Why install hydrometeorological monitoring station?

In addition to the role of serving disaster prevention, information obtained from hydro-meteorological monitoring stations can serve the agricultural sector (cultivation, livestock). Or provide information to the power industry to forecast the flow in advance to ensure the best capacity of the reservoir to produce electricity… The aviation and maritime industries also need information from hydro-meteorological monitoring stations for prevention. Responding to incidents during operation…

According to Decree 38/2016/ND-CP guiding the Law on Hydrometeorology, the monitoring works specified in Clause 3, Article 13 of the Law on Hydrometeorology include:

  • Airport;
  • Irrigation reservoirs with damper, flood gates and hydroelectric reservoirs with total capacity of three million cubic meters (3,000,000 m3) or more; reservoirs within the scope of regulation of inter-reservoir operation procedures on river basins;
  • Class I and II seaports;
  • Cầu qua vùng cửa sông ven biển, eo biển, vịnh hoặc các đảo vùng nội thủy có khẩu độ thông thuyền từ 500 mét trở lên;
  • Radio and television broadcasting tower with a combination of sightseeing, business and customer service on the tower;
  • Cable car for sightseeing and tourism activities;
  • National Parks.

In addition, units engaged in agricultural production and irrigation need to invest in automatic meteorological monitoring stations to warn and forecast risks from natural disasters that adversely affect the production process.

3. How the hydrometeorological monitoring system works:

Meteorological monitoring equipment includes sensors (sensors) in direct contact with the air environment to measure and analyze microclimate indicators, data is transmitted to the data collector and processor (datalogger). ), then these data continue to be communicated to the Control Center.

4. What criteria does the hydrometeorological monitoring system include??

The hydrometeorological monitoring criteria will depend on each customer’s requirements according to each specific application. With a team of experienced engineers, Viet An can also advise customers on basic measurement criteria suitable to reality, such as: air temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, direction wind and wind speed, precipitation, precipitation intensity, UV index, sun direction, brightness, irradiance, aerosol backscatter profile, cloud base height, cloud penetration depth , height of aerosol layer, cloud cover, visibility, road conditions (dry, wet, wet, ice, snow, mud, wet chemistry), road surface temperature, dew point temperature, relative humidity relative, ice ratio, friction, etc.

5. Viet An hydrometeorological monitoring station:

At Viet An, we provide solutions for monitoring stations from consulting, designing, installing a hydro-meteorological monitoring station according to international standards, with outstanding advantages:

  • Compact
  • Affordability
  • Operate with high reliability, low maintenance
  • Respond to regulatory requirements from environmental authorities
  • Provide timely results quickly, helping the factory to provide timely solutions
  • The system is designed flexibly to meet the actual requirements of customers
  • Provide management software on website & Application on the phone, making monitoring easier

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