Automatic groundwater quality monitoring station

Refer to Viet An’s Groundwater Monitoring system


Viet An Enviro introduces to customers the latest equipment and solutions for automatic monitoring of groundwater network of SEBA – Germany, which our company distributes only in Vietnam market.

The device has the following advantages:

  • In addition to the basic parameters (groundwater level, temperature, EC), many other parameters are also measured (pH, DO, ORP, Ammonia, Nitrate …)
  • Power supply is solar or battery. Do not use mains electricity.
  • Using GSM wireless communication technology to the center (according to the installation time).
  • Provide central software to collect data from multiple monitoring points and different aquifers.
  • The device is compact, easy to maintain and reasonably priced when designing the system to help reduce the cost of hiring workers to read data every day.

Automatic groundwater monitoring station system of SEBA

General system information:

Automatic groundwater monitoring system using SEBA’s leading smart device, compact and economical remote transmission. Here are the features that make the product different:

Compact design

The data logger, GSM/GPRS modem, antenna and display are housed in a sealed enclosure for easy access and control of data (Ex: water level) or manual water sampling. Easy installation for 4″ wells. In addition, it can be installed for wells with size 2″, 3″, 4.5″, 5″, 6″ on request.

Energy management

Sophisticated power management, large capacity battery allows long service life, reducing maintenance costs. The PIN is installed inside the housing but is also easily replaced. You can optionally use solar power when changing the battery cover. Do not use mains electricity.

Transmit and text alerts about data automatically

Easy data retrieval with DERMAsole software, the LogCom-2 and FlashCom-2 can transmit data up to 8 times per day, pre-programmed.

Set alarm mode (such as: water level, PIN capacity, …), alarm can be set by sending SMS to 8 mobile phone numbers, via email (GPRS) or Fax. In addition, data is also transferred to the FTP server. It is possible to set up sending data via SMS.


Refer to Viet An’s Groundwater Monitoring system


Water level:


Sensor: D22 pressure sensor with high accuracy, long-term stable operation, protected by stainless steel housing.

Water Level/Temperature

Combine sensor ST-22 with special cable, pressure hose. Use measuring water level and water temperature with long stability.

Water quality

Use the MPS-D multifunction sensor to measure parameters such as:

  • Water level
  • Water temperature
  • Conductivity
  • pH
  • Amount of dissolved oxygen
  • Turbidity

Works with SEBA-HAD or Notebook

A laptop can be used to install and configure the device. Alternatively, SEBA HAD and HAD-Nomad devices can be used.

PDA devices are suitable for difficult fields and are used to replace notebook computers. Can withstand vibration, dust, strong impact and water. Can work from -30oC -60oC. Continuous operation for more than 30 hours, control parameters via touch screen or use Stylus pen.

The SEBA-ConfigCE operating system is easy to use and operate to monitor water levels and transfer data to a PC.

The MGMDS/MLDMS CE analysis software allows checking for updated data or new hydrology and lists.

Automatic monitoring with DEMASole or Hydrocenter via internet


Store data (SQL-database) with DEMASdb and display measured values (graph/list) with DEMASvis. Automatic monitoring of data collected from the LogCom-2/Flash-Com-2. DEMASdb software provides the user with an easy to use interface and various features: automatic data backup DEMASole, DEMASvis data analysis. DEMASdb can be integrated into an existing database (such as Oracle, MySQL).

DEMASdb allows simple data management with many different levels: small 10 sensors, medium 50 sensors, more than 100 sensors


  • Electronic:
  • Consumption: <50µ
  • Uses 4Mb flash memory (stores approximately 280,000 measurements)
  • Flashcontroller 16Bit
  • Have a backup PIN set
  • 32 channels can be installed
  • 16 Bit A/D Converter
  • Operation and display
  • 3-line display, 16 characters each, 3.65mm size (displays current measured value, time, date, status)
  • 3 Function Keys (Easy Operation)
  • Input signal
  • RS485 Sensor (SHWP)
  • 2 input control devices (control, protocol)
  • Input Up/Down counter, counter counter
  • 2 analogue signal terminals for standard signal (Example: 0-1V, 4-20mA,…)
  • 1 SDI-12
  • GSM/GPRS Modem
  • Frequency: 850/900Mhz/1800/1900Mhz (EGSM, Quadband), GPRS
  • Output HF signal: 2W (850/900 MHz); 1W (1800/1900 MHz)
  • SIM-Card: 1.8V / 3V
  • Power supply: receive: 50mA, standby: 15mA, transmission: 0.5A
  • Interface: RS 232 (selection: Bluetooth)
  • SMS – Alarm

Set alarms to 8 mobile phone numbers, fax alerts

  • Electricity supply
  • LogCom-2: 6×1.5V, Magnesium battery used > 2 years
  • FlashCom-2: Using solar battery, enough power to query data for 1 day.
  • Protective case: Aluminum: IP67

Dimensions: diameter 168mm, height 133mm

Solar cable: diameter 160mm, height 220mm

Refer to Viet An’s Groundwater Monitoring system

  • Antenna: integrated in the head of the enclosure, resistant to shocks and weather effects
  • Operating temperature: -20oC-+70oC

Some sample data is transmitted GSM/GPRS to Server SEBA HydroCenter


Demo System automatic monitoring of groundwater environment SEBA

(Central software will be different from this demo)

Refer to Viet An’s Groundwater Monitoring system

SEBA’s automatic groundwater quality monitoring station is provided by Viet An Enviro.

Please contact us for advice and provide you with the most suitable product for your company.


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