Automatic emissions monitoring system for factory’s stack

Refer to Viet An’s Emissions Monitoring system

SmartCEM (Continuous emissions monitoring) is a solution for monitoring industrial emissions, factory chimney emissions into the surrounding air of CODEL – UK. The system fully integrates basic analysis and calibration, digital control, continuously updated data and fully automatic (online) reporting.


Diagram of operating principle of CEMS


Overview of CEMS – CODEL.


Install SmartCEM system at Factories and Industrial Parks. Continuous monitoring of pollutant emission parameters such as: 1. CO 2. SO2 3. NO 4. NO2 5. NOx 6. HCL 7. CO2 8. CH4 9. H20 10. Temperature and pressure in the pipe smoke 11. Continuous dust concentration measurement 12. Exhaust gas flow measurement

  • Fully integrated continuous emission monitoring system
  • Constantly updated data
  • Data in ppm, mg/Nm3 and Kg/h
  • Auto Calibration
  • High sensitivity and low maintenance cost

The center of the system is the SmartCEM automatic monitoring station, which contains equipment for comprehensive analysis and monitoring of chimneys that emit environmental pollution. The control stations (SmartCEM Station Control Unit – SCU) provide power and connect to continuous emission monitoring and analysis equipment, including the SmartCEM station system.

Data coming from 32 SmartCEM stations is transmitted via a digital connector (CODEL SmarBUS) to the data control center where it is logged into a dedicated computer or DCS.

SmartCEM’s dedicated computer system can be equipped with CODEL with system software and internet connection so that the system can be monitored remotely online at the CODEL Customer Support Center. Thanks to this, CODEL experts and support teams can quickly check the operation of the system easily and accurately.


Gas analyzer: GCEM4000

› Carbon Monoxide: CO

› Carbon Dioxide: CO2

› Nitric Oxide: NOx

› Nitrogen Dioxide: NO2

› Nitrous Oxide: NO

› Sulphur Dioxide: SO2

› Hydrogen Chloride : HCl

› Methane: CH4

› Water Vapour: Hơi nước

Dust measuring device: DCEM2000/2100


› Dust and Smoke

Flow meter: VCEM5000/5100


› Flow metering

SmartCEM software system

› Record, store data

› Data report

  • Detailed reports or customized settings to meet the requirements of regulatory agencies (Including LCPD, WID)
  • Real-time configuration and use of graph tools for data analysis
  • Export data to popular applications such as Excel, etc.
  • Capable of connecting to the network for many people to use
  • Real-time data normalization
  • Store data on computer hard drives for more than 10 years
  • Easy to install
  • Intuitive operation
  • Works on Windows operating system

SmartCEM emission monitoring software provides a complete solution for collection and analysis on CODEL base monitoring station systems. Simple installation, regular updates, the program only takes a few minutes to download and configure with detailed instructions.


Real-time display


The data is continuously updated every 30 seconds for users to control the situation of industrial plants, alerting operators when pollutant emissions are at high thresholds. Data are displayed as ppm, %, mg/Nm3, mg/m3, kg/h assuming a known flow rate and instantaneous time change.

Detailed display of analysis results


Another important feature of SmartCEM is providing detailed analysis results of emissions data in real time graph. Allows the user to highlight a certain time period on the graph and display average emissions. The data is easy to read and configure to meet the requirements of each individual operator.


The GSM kit allows direct connection with CODEL engineers and analysts for remote technical support. To use this service, the customer has to pay a monthly fee (Negligible Fee).

Industrial emission monitoring system, CEMS factory chimney emissions are provided by Viet An Enviro. If your unit has installation needs, please contact us for free support and advice on the most suitable solution!



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