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VIET AN GROUP is determined and tries its best to become an International General Contractor, bringing quality solutions and products of international standards to the world, standing shoulder to shoulder with the great powers, glorifying the intellect and capacity of Vietnamese people and contribute to the development of a rich and strong country.

We are all about to actualize the vision of becoming an International General Contractor, accumulate experience and develop capacity to step by step implement projects of integrating Monitoring, Power, Automation and our software aims to dominate the domestic market, then expand to the Regional and International markets.



Viet An Enviro – Positioning as a manufacturer of multi-industry for automatic environmental monitoring stations in domestic and international markets.

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Full maintenance services are available to help customers better control maintenance costs. From inspection to preventive maintenance services, Viet An Service assists Customers in determining the right maintenance mode based on specific factory requirements…

iLotusLand – IoT Monitoring for the environment help connecting & integrating multiple environmental IoT devices in real-time. Make data-driven decisions.

Tungtung is an application for an online education model, aimed at supporting students who are in the process of preparing for exams, preparing for exams and wishing to solve problems, solve multiple-choice exercises, regularly use the Internet and have smartphone…