Automatic waste water quality monitoring station helps to streamline the wastewater treatment process

In the past years, we have witnessed environmental events such as mass fish deaths from Ha Tinh to Quang Tri, pollution of Thi Vai River causing a stir among everyone, so today let’s talk a little more about this. for people to get more information?

Revisiting the serious case of VEDAN causing environmental pollution in 2008, which seriously polluted a whole section of Thi Vai river (Dong Nai) and urgently required to strengthen the control of environmental pollution caused by the discharge of waste into the environment. Therefore, on July 15, 2009, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment issued Circular No. 08/2009/TT-BTNMT to require: All economic zones (EZs), high-tech zones (IZs) , industrial parks (IZs) and industrial clusters (CCNs) and factories located outside the IZs that discharge directly into the Environment (with a discharge capacity of over 1,000 m3/day and night) must “Install a Wastewater Monitoring System” Automatic, Continuous“.


Accordingly, it is regulated:  “High-tech industrial zones, industrial zones and industrial zones must have centralized wastewater treatment plants. A centralized wastewater treatment plant can be divided into many units (modules) but must ensure to treat all generated wastewater in accordance with current environmental technical regulations. Investors of centralized wastewater treatment plants must design and install an automatic and continuous monitoring system for wastewater flow, parameters:  COD  (Chemical Oxygen Demand),  TSS  (Total Quality) suspended solids),  pH  and some other characteristic parameters in wastewater (such as  color,  Residual color, Total TN nitrogen,  Total TP phosphorus and  Heavy metals) of industrial zones, industrial zones, and industrial zones as required by the Approval Decision approve the environmental impact assessment report, before discharging to receiving source. Water quality monitoring stations must ensure connection technical requirements for automatic and continuous data transmission to the state management agency in charge of the environment when required by this agency. For existing automatic wastewater monitoring stations that have not yet met the connection technical requirements for automatic and continuous data transmission, an adjustment plan must be made to meet this regulation.

Therefore, most industries and urban areas are required to more strictly monitor the quality of the output wastewater. This has rapidly increased the demand for automatic wastewater monitoring stations in the past 7 years (since 2009) and will continue in the following years.

Currently, Viet An Enviro is the leading System Integrator in Vietnam market “in terms of quantity” of automatic and continuous wastewater monitoring stations with more than 150 stations installed over the past 5 years, contributing to Environmental Protection section. We are so proud of this!

So, is it enough to install “Automatic and continuous wastewater monitoring system 24/24”?

With more than 10 years of experience in installing monitoring stations, the above system only helps the Environmental Management Agency to “monitor” only, there is no “basis to sanction”.

A “control sample” must be obtained by means of a device called an “autosampler”. It means that when one of the criteria “Exceeds the allowable threshold”, the system will alert the alarm via text message to the concerned parties and at the same time “automatically” pump the stored wastewater into the “automatic sampler”. ” and store the sample wastewater in question into a sample container (this machine is like a refrigerator, always storing the wastewater sample at a standard temperature of 4 degrees Celsius, according to the Environmental Storage Standard). ). After that, the competent authority will come to take samples in the presence of the factory. Then give them 1/2 of the wastewater sample for them to test in their own Laboratory, the remaining 1/2 will be sealed and transferred to a 3rd party to test the sample (usually the Independent Testing Center). established standards such as Institute of Metrology VMI or QUATEST3 or CEM …). Usually, countries around the world will take this as a sanctioning standard. Like in the US, for example, if they find out, they will “Calculate the Total Amount of Wastewater” discharged by the Factory and have a pretty heavy fine. In Vietnam, it’s not like that.

Is it expensive to install an automatic and continuous wastewater monitoring system? How do factories equip with reasonable cost and high reliability?

The market selling price for a wastewater monitoring station ranges from VND 800 million to VND 2.5 billion, depending on how many Option parameters and equipment origin quality are required.

The units in need (investors) can also completely design, buy equipment and install the “automatic wastewater monitoring station system” by themselves, which is not too difficult.

However, this is not easy, to make the system run stably and with low maintenance costs also needs what people call “Know-How”, because of the above analytical devices ( COD, TSS, pH, Color, TN, TP, Heavy Metals) are devices that combine Physics and Chemistry, so it is necessary to regularly “Calibrate” to ensure the most accurate measurement results and also Need a certain Knowledge and Experience (each COD is 1/2 of a car, so be more careful).

Facing that situation, Viet An Environmental Engineering Company (Viet An Enviro) was born at the end of 2010 with the Mission of “providing solutions to install automatic and continuous wastewater monitoring system” to provide for Market a reliable Product, contributing a part to Environmental Protection.


System overview

The automatic wastewater monitoring system includes the following main components:

  1. Automatic wastewater quality monitoring station of a centralized wastewater treatment plant
  2. Connect to the computer at the centralized wastewater treatment plant.
  3. GSM/GPRS communication to the data acquisition and processing center.
  4. Open canals and station buildings

If your system needs to install an automatic wastewater monitoring station, please contact us for free advice on the most suitable solution!


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