Vietnam An Enviro supply and installation of a package of automatic monitoring stations monitor water quality

The device analyzes the target country, PH measuring device, DO, TSS, COD, flow measurement device, Pressure measuring equipment ...

The solution for surface water monitoring, Groundwater. Wastewater Monitoring, emission and meteorological monitoring

Vietnam An Enviro solutions provider to measure and analyze online, SCADA solutions for factory.

The SCADA solution for cement plants include monitoring legal solution do.Giai CO emissions, CO2...

Includes solutions for measuring pressure, dump ink, Flow Measurement, Temperature, PH wastewater monitoring, COD, TSS.

Pharmaceuticals SWAN : solutions by residual chlorine, Ozone dissolved. Measurement of electrical conductivity , TOC ( Total organic carbon )

Providing solutions for external flowmeter FLEXIM clamp, analytical solutions liquids concentration.

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